Screaming… Asking for help… I saw my cat lying on the soil while the gray cat scratched him on the ear. I am scared that my cat will bleed so, I immediately run and shouted the stray cat.

Yuck! Smells like poop! I look into the sofa, curtains and the laundry area. There was nothing… I suspected Kahel, my cat. Goodness! You stinky cat! There were poop’s  on his ear and limbs. I ran to the toilet;grab my pair of gloves;wet the cloth and created suds from the shampoo. I looked for Kahel and found him trying to escape from me. I grabbed him and wipe him clean until there is no stinky smell anymore.

I was mad at Kahel because of the terrible smell and the time I needed to clean him but, my cat looks helpless and fragile. The look on his eyes everytime he committed mistakes and troubles wipe the anger away…

All I can say is… I love you my catson.


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