Fresh Tarragon morning hot drink

Since I have a menstrual problem I searched for healthy and natural stuffs to help me boost my hormones. I tweaked my fluid intake and add variety of stuffs to improve my circulation and just right above my inspiration to be fit and ready, I came across an article from the net and looked up to the benefits of Tarragon which I have now and growing inside our laundry area.

According to the article, Tarragon plant’s steams and leaves are beneficial for cooking and enhancing flavors for vinegars and what not. Apart from those, the plant itself contains anti-oxidant properties that helps the body fights free radicals (very commercial or a marketing semantic right?) but yes, you will get the good stuffs from it.

As I read more, I got the great information I needed to love my tarragon plant more. It says “Tarragon has proven useful as a supplement for women who suffer from suppressed menstruation. It has also been promoted as a means for maintaining the overall health of the female reproductive tract. However, it has been found that tarragon should not be used for these reasons while pregnant or nursing. and I said yes! I found something delicious yet ok for me without thinking the artificial benefits.

Wow, so I make it a point to drink a cup full of fresh tarragon drink daily!

I enjoy this drink with the right proportion of hot water and at least 10 pieces of leaves from a couple of sprig.

For more information kindly visit this link.

Enjoying this delicious drink and reap the benefits for long term.


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