Screaming… Asking for help… I saw my cat lying on the soil while the gray cat scratched him on the ear. I am scared that my cat will bleed so, I immediately run and shouted the stray cat.

Yuck! Smells like poop! I look into the sofa, curtains and the laundry area. There was nothing… I suspected Kahel, my cat. Goodness! You stinky cat! There were poop’s  on his ear and limbs. I ran to the toilet;grab my pair of gloves;wet the cloth and created suds from the shampoo. I looked for Kahel and found him trying to escape from me. I grabbed him and wipe him clean until there is no stinky smell anymore.

I was mad at Kahel because of the terrible smell and the time I needed to clean him but, my cat looks helpless and fragile. The look on his eyes everytime he committed mistakes and troubles wipe the anger away…

All I can say is… I love you my catson.


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My Journey begins at the 29th street



☆House wife

☆Out of the labor force

☆Cat woman

Ok, so I am no longer a typical Filipina that works in a company and doing an eight hours job. Gone are the days when I go to SM to look for sale items and at least munch a KFC meal kapag sweldo na. Am I missing the routine? Yes, I miss those days when I look forward to sweldo days when I can spend for little things that make me happy…

Hay! (buntong hininga/sigh)

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Fresh Tarragon morning hot drink

Since I have a menstrual problem I searched for healthy and natural stuffs to help me boost my hormones. I tweaked my fluid intake and add variety of stuffs to improve my circulation and just right above my inspiration to be fit and ready, I came across an article from the net and looked up to the benefits of Tarragon which I have now and growing inside our laundry area.

According to the article, Tarragon plant’s steams and leaves are beneficial for cooking and enhancing flavors for vinegars and what not. Apart from those, the plant itself contains anti-oxidant properties that helps the body fights free radicals (very commercial or a marketing semantic right?) but yes, you will get the good stuffs from it.

As I read more, I got the great information I needed to love my tarragon plant more. It says “Tarragon has proven useful as a supplement for women who suffer from suppressed menstruation. It has also been promoted as a means for maintaining the overall health of the female reproductive tract. However, it has been found that tarragon should not be used for these reasons while pregnant or nursing. and I said yes! I found something delicious yet ok for me without thinking the artificial benefits.

Wow, so I make it a point to drink a cup full of fresh tarragon drink daily!

I enjoy this drink with the right proportion of hot water and at least 10 pieces of leaves from a couple of sprig.

For more information kindly visit this link.

Enjoying this delicious drink and reap the benefits for long term.


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Hot chocolate: Bag of beans, Tagaytay City, PH

I know a lot of Filipinos been to Tagaytay and visited Bag of Beans because of its laid back and suitable for groups. For me, aside from the reason that I love their famous wheat raisin and chocolate breads I usually look for their signature hot chocolate ( not from the famous coffee co.) of course…

Yes, their hot chocolate served inside a rustic Green or yellow green mug. I do not know if it just my preference, but I just love hot chocolates especially Bag of Beans’ 🙂

The consistency of their hot chocolate is not so thick or very thin. It is like melted milk chocolate mixed with a little water. You can also feel the artisanal value and roughness of the “batirol” in every little sips. However, as you go on you will felt the bitterness and sourness once you reached your last remaining sips but that is okay for me.

The price, Php 115.00 /cup



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Wedding Venue: Club Ananda, Sandari Batulao, Batangas

The first time I entered the gate of Sandari I could hear and feel my heart beat and as we drove to wide street, my eyes open wide when I saw the venue-Club Ananda, and I said to my then husband to be, what to do you think? This place looked like an Aztec inspired structure and it is very far from our church so what do you do think? He said he like it! Okay, then I thought this place must be a new venue that our guests will go to so why not. Then I check the following of course to convince myself to like it.

1. It is a 30 minutes drive from our Church (Iglesia ni Cristo Tagaytay) San Jose Tagaytay, what will be the traffic like?
2. Since our theme is vintage-modern, how can we transform the venue?
3. Where can we stay before the wedding considering that we will have a separate venue for the ceremony and reception?

As I answer the questions, I realize that the place is really magnificent on our second visit, It is like a structure built to put modern civilization on a paradise. It is like a building pictured on Children’s book or like a Kingdom erected inside a “Sitio” I just love the fact that the Batulao Mountain will become a real backdrop thus our guests will love it.

Considering the logistics, we figured that traffic flow will not be a problem since our wedding falls on Friday and off-peak and my fiancé found the best preparation place before the wedding which is near our Church. So everything is according to plan!

And so I fell in love with the place, which is very important I think! Yes, I thought so, because if there are glitches on your wedding whether minor or major you will not feel bad or sad because there is something that you are ok with.


The picture will tell you how impalpable it looks like.

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My Breakfast at Antonio’s Experience

This will be my first post for the year 2015 and I am very excited to share the highlights of my Breakfast at Antonio’s first gastronomic experience.

Well I have been planning for this after New Year so I decided to make it happened last January 25, 2015 to celebrate my husband and I’s third year month anniversary.

This is Heavenly… Yum, I had an overdose of blue berries and vanilla ice cream which satisfied me a lot.


My husband had the fresh corned beef with sauerkraut.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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